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Lori Shecter, CEO  We Are Immediate

Lori’s vision of providing Zero Defect solutions is an integral part of We Are Immediate.  Lori is an expert at the web development build and launch process, with over 11 years of experience. She leadsWAI’s technical approach to projects from start to finish and works closely with our clients and project managers following the kickoff to define and formalize the project’s business requirements. During the project, Lori acts as a high-level liaison for all stakeholders to answer questions that may impact the build. Before We Are Immediate, Lori was in digital advertising where she held national sales positions. Most recently, Lori created and ran North American ad sales for, where she increased sales to over $40 million. She holds her BA in Communication Design from the University of Pennsylvania and completed coursework toward her MBA at New York University.

Ronya Dones, President, Redeme Studio

Ronya is the founder of Re-Deme Studio, and an advocate for creativity and humankind. She has exposed thousands to freedom in artistic self-expression. Through her classes based in the community, creative reuse & imagination, she invites viewers and participants to explore the relationships of seemingly random people and objects coming together to create beauty. She has studied Studio Art & Sociology at William Paterson University and continues professional development in art and museum education. She has founded numerous art programs across Northern New Jersey, and actively works to provide at-risk populations with positive opportunities that were once out of reach. Her artwork is whimsy, yet thought-proving, just as Re-Deme Studio fosters fun, while working to solve complex social issues.

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