July 7, 2020, 12:26 pm
Art Therapy for Children during COVID-19

Art Therapy helps children by offering an outlet for self-expression, reduces stress and alleviates emotional distress. Art Therapy can also help bring your child to a meditative state and allow your child to see problems from a different perspective. Is your child lacking in enjoyment? Well, Art Therapy can help your child find enjoyment through creative expression.

How has COVID impacted your child’s mental health?

Research reveals that COVID has greatly impacted the mental health of children and parents do not have the skills to help their children (Aten, 2020). Research suggests that times of crisis can have long-term impacts on a child’s mental health. However, with help and support children can become resilient and overcome times of stress (Benefits of Expressive Art Therapy for Children).


Age Groups

Our program helps children of all ages suffering from loneliness and isolation during this pandemic. Virtual Art Therapy groups for children of all ages can aid with their mental status as it gives children an outlet for expression and reduces loneliness.


Target Diagnosis

Art Therapy can help children with a variety of diagnoses including Autism to depression and anxiety. For children who suffer from Autism, they mainly think in pictures. So Art Therapy is perfect for that diagnosis. Additionally, “Perhaps most importantly, art therapy can allow a child with ASD to express their feelings and impressions of the world. “They’re using the paintbrushes to gain control and achieve mastery, using lines to color the way they want to, using clay to mold their ideas into a visual form,” Van Lith explained” (Artsy, Lesser, 2018).

For children suffering from Depression, Art Therapy can act as an avenue for creating new more positive emotions and may help children feel a sense of accomplishment which children with depression may lack (Kvarnstrom, 2019). Additionally, it can help a child find meaning in self-expression. (Kvarnstrom, 2019).

For children suffering from Anxiety, many feel they cannot turn to an adult for support. “Art therapy encourages this process, helping children to feel that they can be seen, heard and understood. Sharing feelings and understanding them can stop cyclical thoughts, a major cause of anxiety” (Rob, 2016)

Art Therapy for children suffering from other mental disorders can also be beneficial, especially during these times of need.





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