Example Projects

These are sample sessions that your child will participate in during virtual art therapy sessions. Each Art Therapy session will open up with a word game and then your child will dive right into a creative art project!

Dream Catcher

Clients will get to explore the meaning behind a dream catcher and have fun!  Many children find that as they make this project, they feel more comfortable talking about subjects that upset them.

Hands Wreath

Clients will create 6 hands and make a wreath out of them. This can be for anytime of year! They will have something to display in their bedroom!


Once again clients will have something fun to create to hang in their bedrooms!

Water bottle wind spiral

This multifaceted project will help children learn structure and explore their creative side!

Jewelry Making

Have your child participate in creating fun jewelry that they can wear or give as a gift! It’s relaxing and reduces stress research reveals.

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