Benefits of Art Therapy

Our 45-minute sessions are the perfect length of time to keep your child engaged with creative arts, understanding their power! CLICK HERE

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What is Art Therapy?

What is Art Therapy? Art Therapy is a creative process that uses drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or sculpting to help people with their mental statuses (Art Therapy). Additionally, these artistic mediums help individuals express themselves. With the guidance of an Art Therapist, clients may uncover the hidden meanings and undertones behind their creative work (Art […]

Art Therapy for Children during COVID-19

Art Therapy helps children by offering an outlet for self-expression, reduces stress and alleviates emotional distress. Art Therapy can also help bring your child to a meditative state and allow your child to see problems from a different perspective. Is your child lacking in enjoyment? Well, Art Therapy can help your child find enjoyment through […]

How Art Therapy Helps Children

Art Therapy for non-profits:   As an Art Therapist, I help children through the process of an artistic medium. I create the curriculum for services, I conduct art therapy groups and one-on-one sessions. I also write progress notes entailing what occurred during each session.   How Art Therapy Helps:   Overall, Art Therapy for children […]